A solar system-wide economy

Space remains the Final Frontier, with virtually unlimited energy, resources, and potential. Emerging Futures works with government agencies including NASA, nonprofits, and commercial companies to explore promising markets and technologies for space development. Let’s grow a human-centered economy in space without despoiling it for future generations.

"Caelus certe patet, ibimus illi" — Ovid

(Surely the sky lies open, let us go that way!)



Emerging Futures, LLC was founded in 2016 as a research and analysis consultancy and is based on the U.S. West Coast. Its interests currently focus on two broad areas: climate change mitigation, and the commercial expansion of humanity into space. While seemingly unrelated, we view these two topics as intimately linked to each other.


  Areas of focus  

Space Travel and Tourism
Resource Extraction and Utilization
Simulation and
Market Demand
Sustainable Space Development

  Current projects  

  Selected clients  

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Full Moon

  Meet The Team  

Jeffery Greenblatt, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Scientist

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Technology characterization, simulation and modeling, prospective economics, market forecasting

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Prof. Akhil Rao

Economics Consultant

Assistant Professor at Middlebury College, specializing in economic modeling of space markets

Andrew Granatstein

Research Consultant

Aerospace engineering,

space technology, scientific and market research, business strategy



Emerging Futures, LLC

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